Sell Car Scrap

sell car scrap

Do you have an old, broken down car rusting away somewhere? Believe it or not, it’s still worth some cash!

Anyone who’s owned an unwanted vehicle will know that they can be a real pain to dispose of. This is why we highly encourage people to sell cars for scrap – this will get the vehicle off your property and out of your hair, not to mention ensure that the valuable metals it is made from can be recycled. We offer cash for scrap cars, allowing you to make a tidy profit as well.

Whether you’ve just got the shell of the vehicle (it’s been harvested for parts, in other words) or the whole thing is intact, rest assured that we accept any and all scrap cars for cash.

At Your Scrap Metal, we accept vehicles of all make and model – it doesn’t matter whether it’s running, ancient, broken down, totaled, hail damaged or unwanted for any other reason. All we need is the make, model, colour and VIN number, then we can ensure that it is disposed of properly.

Why should I sell scrap?

There are actually a few benefits associated with getting cash for scrap cars – not only will you make a tidy profit (which you might not have been expecting), you are also doing your bit for the environment.

Too many vehicles are sent to landfill or simply left to rust in someone’s driveway or yard when they’re no longer required. Even if the vehicle is not running, it’s still filled with valuable parts and metal.

What are cars worth?

If you want to sell car scrap for cash, the price you ultimately receive will depend on a number of factors (namely its condition). We can pay you on the spot or send you a cheque in the mail, but note that we cannot pick up vehicles. For more information on current prices, contact the Your Scrap Metal team today.