Sell Brass Scrap

sell brass scrap

Not sure what to do with all that brass scrap you have lying around? Why not sell it and ensure it’s recycled properly?

Did you know that different combinations of copper and zinc will result in brass with different properties? From strength and wear resistance to colour and ductility, anything is possible. When it comes time to sell brass scrap, keep in mind that the combinations of these alloys will also have an effect on how much it’s worth. This is because copper is more valuable than zinc, so generally fetches higher prices when being resold.

As reputable brass rod suppliers in Melbourne, we also supply a range of new stock to meet your needs.

At Your Scrap Metal, we accept anything that is made from brass. In particular, we specialise in the disposal of swarf, which is the waste produced during the manufacturer of components. This highly useful metal is an alloy of copper and zinc; different combinations will provide different properties.

Why should I sell scrap?

You will actually receive a number of benefits when you choose to sell brass scrap – not only will you make a tidy profit, you will help to protect the environment and its valuable natural resources.

The production of brass using new copper and zinc is quite uneconomical, as well as highly wasteful. We are committed to mirroring the UK, whereby manufacturers use almost 100% brass scrap.

What is brass worth?

It is important to remember that scrap brass prices change on a daily basis and that they are dependent on a number of factors (including its purity, the economy and current demand). For more information on current prices, contact the Your Scrap Metal team today.