Stainless Steel Scrap

stainless steel scrap

Don’t fall into the trap of thinking that scrap stainless steel is worthless – you could actually make a tidy profit.

Many people don’t want to sell stainless steel scrap because they wrongly assume it’s relatively worthless. Whilst it’s true that it’s not as valuable as some of the other types of scrap we accept, it should be noted that it contains myriad valuable metals (such as iron and chrome) and that large deliveries can easily fetch a nice profit.

When sorting stainless steel in Melbourne, remember that contaminated items are also going to fetch a lower price than pure ones (try to keep them separate, as if they’re all mixed in together you’ll only get the lower price).

At Your Scrap Metal, we accept anything that is made from steel, including: old equipment and appliances, kitchen sinks and mixers, and so on. This is probably the most widely used metal in the world, and we are committed to ensuring it is disposed of and recycled accordingly.

Why should I sell scrap?

There are actually a few benefits associated with selling your old steel – not only will you make a little money off it, you’re keeping the metal out of landfill, which lessens your impact on the environment.

The earth’s natural sources are fast being depleted, so it is important that we avoid using them wherever possible. Recycling also helps us to reduce energy consumption and carbon dioxide emissions (both of which add to pollution).

What is stainless steel worth?

It is important to remember that stainless steel scrap prices change on a daily basis and that they are dependent on a number of factors (including its purity, the state of the item and the current supply). For more information on current prices, contact the Your Scrap Metal team today.